Breaking frozen ground- Intermezzo: 6° of Connection

Anchorage Opera’s new collective, Intermezzo, is taking the local social scene by storm. With the weather in Alaska battling to turn from winter to spring, Anchorage’s cold air is a breezy buzz over gatherings around town in the name of Intermezzo.

While most of the world is inundated in streaming social media networks made to connect people, some have been left out in the cold. Though sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are designed to facilitate individuals connecting by the sharing of information, we’re starting to see supplementation of sharing a Tweet or Post over meeting for coffee or lunch. Our habits are beginning to favor social short cuts rather than face-to-face connectivity in meeting new people.

Try some ice-breaking social heat. Living in Alaska, residents know how to make the best of 6° degrees. Capitalizing on a personal approach is the platform where people can come together to refashion six degrees of separation into six degrees of real, face-to-face connection.

Intermezzo is about taking a step back. Networking with real people, in real-time. A collective of individuals connecting over a common love- love for the arts! You don’t have to love opera to mix with Intermezzo. Art comes in many forms; opera is just one of them. Theatrics, Dance, Instrumental, Designing, etc. are all translatable art. If your version of Instrumental is by playing in the symphony or by spinning a set as a DJ, or Dance is at the ballet vs. in your own living room- we won’t argue. These are just a few of so many forms of art worth celebrating.

Not found online. Not found in a database. By invitation only, because it’s about connecting with real people. Hosting private parties of the classiest nature, featuring vintage cocktails, piano jazz, wine tastings and more. Start asking around because Intermezzo is found only within the Anchorage community. Once again, setting Alaskans apart from the rest. Need a hint? Pick-up the trail at local Anchorage business, Sub Zero Microlounge. They feature AO’s signature and specifically designed cocktail- the Intermezzo. Get to know AO and it’s new collective, Intermezzo. That is Art Alive in Alaska.


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