I ♥ Art

What do you call art, and in how many forms does it take? Purists may argue, but the overarching trend is more forward recognition that opera is the summation of all performing arts combined to create one amazing spectacle.

The performing artist takes the stage- countless and unsurmountable hours that are the labor of love coming to final fruition. Typically clothed in a masterpiece of a costume, adorned with tresses that are nothing less than the persona they present, cosmetic and special adornments from the eyes to toes. The individual themselves becomes art. But to be taken away with them to the far off fantasy they engage requires setting the stage around them. From clouds to smoke and fire, villa’s and castles, dungeons and lakes; more artists construct everything to transport you to another realm. The end result is nothing less than spectacular.

On Saturday, February 25th we’ll take a venture to another realm, one which is in celebration of the Arts Alive in Alaska! Bringing together Anchorage Opera’s artists of Verdi’s Macbeth & Alaska Dance Theatre’s of Othello. Together, crafting one more piece of art- THE Arts Industry Party of the year.

Anchorage's beautiful Bridge Restaurant

If you love art- and if you like to mingle, if you like to laugh- this is your night. Celebrating 50 years of Opera & 30 years of Dance in Alaska at The Bridge Restaurant. With tiny bubbles abound, LIVE dancers, singers, and stars- it’s the culmination of two perfectly complimentary artistic existences.

Let them eat cake! Lucky Anchorage locals can snag the few remaining tickets for what’s to be the hottest night on the town by calling 907-277-9591


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