Love, Lust, & Greed. Macbeth, a love story.

Happy Valentines Day the Shakespearean way! A brief insight of a most villainous and self-indulgent pair, Lord & Lady Macbeth.

Like many couples, the Macbeth’s have their problems. One can only imagine the stress of coming home to a wife like Lady Macbeth, insisting that murder is the only way to bring success and satisfaction to an otherwise dull, and meager existence and marriage. Of course, doing anything less than her wishes would have her treating you as a coward. But maybe it’s okay, because she continues to remind you that deep down, beneath it all, she really loves you.

Anchorage Opera- Verdi's Macbeth

photo by Petra Lisiecki

Throughout Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, the story follows the ongoing tumultuous marriage between Lord and Lady Macbeth, and their subsequent rise and fall from glory. Lady Macbeth dramatically blurs the lines between love and lust, ambition and greed, all with seamless manipulation. The complications of their relationship forge the dark, murderous plot wherein together they eventually seize the throne. If you think you have problems- revelations of their deluded glory, and in the end, their all consuming guilt is more than enough to put any somewhat-problematic relationship to shame. While audiences can indulge in their mistakes and bare witness to their seething lust for power, cloaked in love for each other, we also know better. Their tale reminds us that while love is all powerful, it’s best used for good rather than evil. Thankfully,  the Macbeth’s list of intentions didn’t include having children to carry on their legacy of wickedness.

Verdi’s portrayal of this iconic story is a brilliant use of Shakespeare’s intense, evil-doing characters paired with traditional Italian operatic and orchestral sound. This is the only true, happy marriage resulting from Macbeth.

See it LIVE! Anchorage Opera’s Alaskan premiere of Verdi’s Macbeth begins Saturday, February 18th. Check out to purchase tickets now!


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