Art inspiring art! AO’s The Golden Age, The Encore- what’s it all about?

Fun artistic facts about the creation of Anchorage Opera’s 50th Anniversary Season- The Golden Age, The Encore!

If opera is the glorious presentation all performing arts- voice, orchestra, acting, and sometimes even dance- then it is appropriate that we look at other great leading artists for inspiration.

Our 50th Anniversary Season pays homage to our more recent Golden Age – the Golden and roaring Twenties. Specifically, popular artist of the era, Gustav Klimt. Klimt’s use of gold foil and beautiful detailed color sparked our interest for imagery to lead the next 50 years of Arts Alive in Alaska. Our Golden Lady is a direct and strong representation of Klimt’s Judith I., celebrating the joy and beauty of youth, both in art and music.

2012 is not only Anchorage Opera’s 50th Anniversary,
but also Gustav Klimt’s 150th birthday!


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