Move over Cramer: The Real BOO-YA is Big Wild Opera!

That’s right … the most bang for the buck is AO’s upcoming production … Eugene Onegin.


Not because it’s written by Tchaikovsky, the composer of The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, the 1812 Overture and many other famous classics.

Not because the story was written by one of the greatest poets ever … Alexander Pushkin


Because it’s the first time a Russian grand opera is being produced in the American Circumpolar North, specifically Big Wild Anchorage, Alaska.

And why is that important? Because of all the places in the United States, Alaska has the most significant historical, social and strategically important relationship with Russia.

Some people say you can see Russia from Alaska! Truth is … only 2.5 miles of sea separate Alaska and Russia at their closest point, and it is possible to walk across when the Bering Strait freezes in mid-winter.

Get ready Alaksa, AO’s Onegin will be one for the record books!

Oh … and Cramer … don’t forget, the Real BOO-YA will be Big Wild Opera!

Click here for tickets and more info


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