AO to showcase Spain’s greatest zarzuela, La Tabernera del Puerto


A stunning highlights showcase of Spain’s greatest operetta, La Tabernera del Puerto (The Woman of the Port Tavern) will be presented by AO in its upcoming production, Hot Spanish Nights.


Described as a ‘nautical romance’, Tabernera takes place in the proud land of the Basque on the coast of Northern Spain. It’s unusually rich in shady characters and gratifyingly beautiful music. AO’s concert presentation will feature Tabernera’s most powerful selections.


The presentation of this classic Zarzuela (Spanish operetta) is a first for AO. Say’s AO General and Artistic Director, Torrie Allen, “ … with Tabernera AO is venturing into new territory, but Tabernera represents the very best of what has not yet hit Alaska’s stages.


Tabernera and the other feature presentations of Hot Spanish Nights … spectacular new Flamenco dancing and guitar along with the great Spanish piano works of Enrique Granados, will thrill AO’s fans. Anchorage is in for an unforgettable treat.”


The music of La Tabernera del Puerto was written Pablo Sorozábal. The book is by Frederico Romero and Fernandez Shaw. Click here to learn more about Tabernera and Spanish operetta (Zarzuela).


Click here to purchase tickets!


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