Who Was Rudolf Laban and What Can He Do for AO?


Back in 1895, Rudolf Jean-Baptiste Atilla Laban had career plans that were pretty radical for the son of a military officer. Though Papa drew the line at ballet school, he did allow young Rudolf to organize local laborers in ‘Movement Parades’, and Laban tested his early theories by having smiths and farmers march while miming hammering or scything. Laban later became one of the least-known and most influential innovators in the 20th Century dance world.


What does Laban have to do with Opera? When he was appointed choreographer to all of Berlin’s theatres in 1930 Laban transformed the staging of productions from static to realistic and lively. His theories are still used today at the London school that teaches his work .


AO’s new program in Kinesthesia will be lead by Jocelyn Paine. Jocelyn will provide AO’s performers with movement tools to bring world-class life and sparkle to a powerful season of Big Wild productions.


Rudolf Laban and Jocelyn Paine … You Rock!  And we salute you.


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