Glorious Spain! Did you know? The Lady Bullfighter (The Torera)

Spanish Torera, Christina Sanchez

In anticipation of AO’s upcoming ‘blow the house COMPLETELY down’ season, The Passions of Spain, this is the first in a series of BLOG’s about that fabulous part our planet known as the Kingdom of Spain (or España – pronounced ‘Espahnyah’)


Women bullfighters (Toreras) have been achieving celebrity status for more than 100yrs. One of the most popular Spanish Toreras of modern times is Cristina Sanchez (pictured above). In 1999 Sanchez retired, complaining that male attitudes against her were so strong she was unable to get top billings. In fact, some male bullfighters publicly declared they would not fight on the same billing as a woman. Let us hope they work this out.


For all you proud Americans, here’s a very interesting side note … more than 50yrs ago, Patricia McCormick was the first woman bullfighter in the Unites States. McCormick wrote a book about her experience entitled Lady Bullfighter. Click here to see the historic video of McCormick in the ring (don’t worry … fortunately, the ‘killing’ part of the ritual is deleted).


Reflecting deeper … some would say that women take ‘bull’ from men out of the ‘ring’ too. With that in mind … maybe every woman is a Torera!


Torera … whoever you are, wherever you are …You Rock. And we salute you!


AO’s Torer ‘o’ for its upcoming ‘take no prisoners’ production of Carmen is the OUTSTANDING Anton Bevlov. Anton appeared as Count di Luna in AO’s recent production of Il Trovatore.



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