Glorious Spain! Did You Know? One of the greatest movements of music ever composed, Aranjuez 2.

 View of the Spanish city of Toledo (from National Geographic).

      ·        It’s the brave Toreador (or Torera) facing the awesome bull.

·        It’s the gypsy Flamenco dancer performing on a warm starry night in Andalusia.

·        It’s Lady ‘Ibarruri’ (La Passionara) inspiring folks to live through the Spanish Civil War.

·        It’s Hemingway sipping a Spanish cocktail while writing about the same horrible war.

·        It’s Washington Irving’s Tales of the Alhambra.

·        It’s Cervantes and Don Quixote.

·        It’s the cry of Boabdil (the last African King of Spain).

·        It’s generations of families out for a beautiful evening stroll in Madrid.

·        It’s Zarzuela.

·        It’s students at the University of Salamanca discussing the future of Spain.

·        It’s socializing after work with Spanish vino and tapas (wine and finger foods).

·        It’s the Basque proudly clinging to land and heritage.

·        It’s the Spanish-American fiercely proud of their Spanish lineage.

·        It’s other folks equally proud of the grandeur of Spain.

·        It’s Picasso’s Guernica.

·        It’s Goya’s ‘etchings’.

·        It’s Ferdinand and Isabella funding Columbus’ voyage to the new world.

·        It’s the person on the continent of America suddenly realizing how interconnected the history of Spain is with the history of America and the entire world.

·        It’s the impossible dream.

·        It’s AO’s 2008-2009 Season-to-Die-for, Passions of Spain.

·        It’s all this and much, much more rolled into one of the greatest movements of music ever composed, the 2nd movement of Joaquín Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez. Click here to listen/see Xuefei Yang perform this fantastic movement.

Rodrigo … You Rock. And we Salute you!




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